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Introducing Quaker Spirituality

Quakers have a reputation for honesty and integrity, social change and peace work. This reputation comes from our way of being and how we try to lead our lives, particularly our spiritual lives.

You may be aware of our work in the past;

  • Elizabeth Fry’s prison reform work at Newgate Prison,
  • pioneering humane mental care at The Retreat, York, and
  • being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947 for our war relief work.

We are just as active today, locally, nationally and internationally, and continue to champion the values that are vital for a healthy society.

We invite you to join us for a series of Wednesday evening events at the Quaker Meeting House in Northampton town centre (map). The theme of the evenings is how we nurture our spiritual lives, and how this leads many Quakers to take action to improve the lives of individuals, communities and society.

The evenings are free of charge and each evening consists of;

  • 7:30pm - brief talk and discussion
  • 8:00pm - a period of silent Quaker worship
  • 8:30pm - refreshments
  • 9:00pm - finish

The evenings cover a number of topics;

Date (Wednesdays)Topic
10th February 2016Quaker worship
24th February 2016Quaker belief and view of God
9th March 2016Quakers and peace
23rd March 2016Quaker faith in action
13th April 2016Advices and queries
27th April 2016Quakers and other faiths, other Christian groups
11th May 2016Quaker business method, decision making
25th May 2016Quaker testimonies, simplicity
8th June 2016Advices and queries
22nd June 2016Quaker belief and view of God