Kettering Room Hire

Two rooms are available for hire at Kettering Quaker Meeting House. We aim to use our premises to benefit the local community, so we welcome local groups, charities, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations. As we are a charity, it is important that hirers’ activities do not conflict with recognised Quaker principles. We therefore reserve the right to refuse a booking, should this occur.


We have good wheelchair access, with a ramp up to the front door and level access to all our rooms and to the disabled WC. There is a single step up to the back door, and an emergency ramp is stored close by to provide wheelchair access to the back door. There is an audio loop in both of the rooms for hire. All rooms are on the ground floor.


Fire Action signs are clearly visible in each room. There is a First Aid box, plus an Accident Book, in the kitchen.


The two rooms for hire are:

  • The Meeting Room – a smaller room at the front of the premises, with 25 chairs, and a single table.
  • The Large Hall – a much larger room, at the back of the premises, with 34 chairs and 5 large fold-out tables. If the other rooms are not being used, chairs can be moved through from them if needed.

We also have a kitchen, two WCs (one equipped for the disabled) and a front lobby (our library). These are available for use with either room hired. The back of the building includes a smaller space that we use for our children. The equipment that is stored there is not for use by hirers.

Although we have very little on-site parking (room for only one or two vehicles on the drive beside the building), there are many public car parks within a few minutes’ walking distance. A map of these can be obtained from the Bookings Officer.

The premises are heated by two separate systems, one for the front and the other for the back. Room hire can be for either section, or for the whole premises, and the heating will be arranged to suit. The WCs and kitchen may not be heated if only the Large Hall has been hired.

We do not have a phone line, wi-fi, a TV licence or a Public Performance licence. Also, we have very little storage space, so ask you to take away everything that you bring, unless you have the permission of the Bookings Officer to store specific items on our premises.


We charge for a “session” – morning (up to 1.00 pm), afternoon (up to 6.00 pm) and evening. This timing includes setting up and clearing away.

  • Meeting Room – £20.00 per session
  • Large Hall – £30.00 per session
  • Whole building – £40.00 per session

There is also a deposit, to be paid in advance, of £20.00, for any group new to us from 1/1/2014. This will be refunded at the end of the hiring period. We ask for the full room-hire charge to be paid in advance for a single use, but will invoice regular users each month, in arrears. Cancellations need to be made at least 10 days in advance, or a charge may be made.


We will provide a set of keys for all users, and ask that they are held by a nominated person, who signs for them and gives us their contact details. This person will be responsible for the care, safety and security of our premises. Regular users can keep this set of keys until their period of room hire ends. Single users must return the keys at the end of their visit. Arrangements for this will be handled by the Bookings Officer.

Booking Conditions

Please contact us for a copy of our terms and conditions.

Loans from our library

Our Library, in the front lobby, has a book to record borrowing. Regular users are invited to look at our books, and to borrow them for up to a month, by entering their details in this book.

Making a booking

If you would like to discuss making a booking, please contact the Bookings Officer using the Contact Us page.